Anil Kumar Bijarniya Success Story

Anil Kumar Bijarniya
  •  March 10, 2016
Anil Kumar Bijarniya

Anil Kumar Bijarniya Taekwondo Journey

Anil Kumar Bijarniya a Kyorugi player & Diploma in Sports.

A short introduction to yourself?

My Name is Anil Kumar Bijarniya, I’m a Taekwondo Athlete. India Rank 5 World Rank 366

How did you develop your fondness for your sport and at what age did you start learning karate?

I Started Learning Taekwondo at the age of 18 years. It started in college and later become my Passion.

What is your style and what rank do you currently hold in?

I’m a Kyorugi player (Fighter). I have won many medals and trophies at state, national, and International levels.

Anil Kumar Bijarniya

How did you get into this position and how did your journey in this sport go?

At the age of 18, I decided to be in The Indian Army for my country in the future. To serve my country was my first dream. Later in my College, I joined a taekwondo class just for self-defense, and my parents think that I can’t go future in Taekwondo as it is an injurious game.

Later I taught my First Tournament and I won the gold medal in that. So my confidence and interest in this Game increased. In my first year of this game, I was selected for the nationals. Even my coach didn’t believe in me, and then he started to work hard on me, and from there my journey started.

  • Anil Kumar Bijarniya

Do you take sports as a profession or is it just a hobby?

In the starting, it was just self-defense, but now it is my profession.

Anil Kumar Bijarniya

What challenges have you faced in getting to where you are now? You can also share any injury story.

I got many Injuries, in my training session, and my parents were disappointed, but they keep supporting me as I have a lot of interest to do this game, and later my Neighbours and many relatives started to make my parents convinced that this game is not made for you, your Son will be Injured, are her parents mad? And all these Shit things people started to say about me.

Later as I achieved a lot, I started to. Make this all my strength. And then as I achieved many titles, they started to appreciate me and my parents.

What motivates you most about your profession as an athlete?

To work hard every day, my motivation is my Coach and my parents, I want the Indian flag in my hands and always make my country, coach, and parents proud. As they have done a lot to make me.

Anil Kumar Bijarniya

Do you have anything you want everyone to learn?

Do not give UP at any cost, if people are judging you wrong, don’t focus on them, focus on your willpower, and stop being Weak as you can do anything.

What tournament or match you have won are you most proud of and why?

My First and 2nd International event was adorable as I got a bronze and made my country proud. The Indian flag was in my hands and that was the proudest movement of my life.

NameAnil Kumar Bijarniya
ReligiousHindu JAT
ProfessionTaekwondo Athlete
Weight CategoryU-74 KG
India Rank05
World Rank366
Trail of International EventsSouth Asian Games, Asian Games, Asian Championship, Etc.
International EventIndia, Nepal Etc.
Qualification in Sports 6 WCC, 1 Year Diploma
Head CoachSpartan Taekwondo Academy, Sikar (Rajasthan)
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